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November 3rd, 2014

06:41 pm - My first filk!

Bow-Hemian Rhapsody- Filk by Lady Solveig Bjorndottr

Is this the field life

Is this just practicing

Caught up with scoring

No escape from targetry

Open your eyes

Look up at the prize and see

I'm just a bow boy, I need no armoring

because its aim it high, aim it low

Shoot the arrow, at a foe

Any way the wind blows, sorta really matters to me, to me

Yeoman, just straddled the line

Knocked a bolt onto my bow

loose the string now its a go

Yeoman, rounds have just begun

and now you've gone and fired them all away

Yeoman, oooo

Didn't mean to make you cry

But some times Grandmaster bow men win them all

Loose on, loose on, as if scoring doesn't matter

Too late, my fletching's gone

Sent pointies down the line

Skimmed the petticote sometimes

Goodbye everybody, i've got to go

It's time to pack my tackle and head to court

Marshall, oooo

I just wanna rank

More than just bowman once again

I see the little silouette of a deer

Let it fwoosh, let it fwoosh

Do you see the arrow flying

Thunder camp is frighting, with sword and boards a fighting

Little bow man, Little bow man

Little bow man, Little bow man

Little bowman - Bullseye

I'm just a bow boy, no swords point at me

He's just a bow boy, from a bow family

Spare him his life from the list and heavy

Spare me your gripes and your pomposity

Pull it back, let it go, till the martial calls a hold

We’ve lost the tip! We always lose the tip. (Not the tip!)

We’ve lost the tip! We always losethe tip. (Not the tip!)

We’ve lost the tip! We always lose the tip. (Not the tip!)

We always lose the tip. (Not the tip)

Yes we always lost the tip

Always lose the tip,

Bow. bow, bow, bow, bow bow bow

Oh, mama mia, mama mia (Mama mia, loose the bow.)

Your majesty always has a medal put aside for me

For me

For me!!!!

Crossbows think they can sit there and steal the bullseyes

Mundanes think they can stroll past the field line alive!

Oh Baby!

Get off the field baby!

You gotta get out

You gotta get right out of here

Archers really matter

Anyone can see

Archers really matter to me

Anyway the wind blows

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April 17th, 2011

10:57 am
 I swear to god I am never doing another one of these again.

I love you Ari, but you are my first and last!!!

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February 27th, 2011

03:29 pm - Armoring again

At So, in the past few months I have pu all my projects on hold. As of recent I have finally gotten up the gaul to start crafting again. My folks bought me a new sewing machine and I decided it was time to start working again on Ari's scale mail.

This is the chest piece from the front

Another view of it flat on the floor. This however does not do it justice. When it lays on the chest there is curvature set into the rings to cause it to accent breasts and not lay lat for mail chest/pectorals.

Also, I have started working on the spaulder/shouder parts which will be connected soon. These images just portray how they sit .


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September 25th, 2010

10:46 am - Leather!
So I promise I will get back to working on my armor soonish, but I've had other projects coming up. In November I am attending a steam punk ball/fair and I needed something to hold my very pretty flask!

I've also never worked with leather and found that one of my good friends, Vincent, was making a leather coat and would have multiple better than free leather scraps and tools that I could make use of. Here are said scraps:
One of the tools in which makes sewing leather together is a special punch. This multi pronged punch (left) is used in conjunction with a hammer. On the right side is a rotary punch. This took is used for making larger, rounded holes for putting such items like rivets through them.
The first thing that had to be accomplished was cutting out the pieces for the pattern. This was a very simple task. For this, I took two walls which were squares, measured around the flask and a space gap or seam line. Also, in back I cut a strap so it could hang on a belt. I used the first leather tool to punch seams so the sewing process would be much easier.
This is a close up of the seam I created:

The rotary punch will be used so I can punch holes big enough for these rivets to go through.  This is how the straps are attached via rivets.
Finally, besides sewing up the seams together, this is what it looks like assembled. Once the rivets are put into place, you snip all the extra length off minus 1/4 inch. Then with a round hammer head, hammer it over the washer (which was put into place with a special tool i forgot what its called or to take a picture of!)

Final Product

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August 14th, 2010

11:25 pm - Boffer
 So I took  little break from armor crafting as my hands were complaining from the stress of beating them up every day. Today I went to my first boffer games. I felt like a complete elitist bastard about it and it was good fun. However, to fight in the boffer games you need to have a boffer weapon. This is probably the cheapest and easiest project you can have to make. I think the total cost of materials was 4 dollars. 


Noodle (Pool supply)
Duct tape
PVC Pipe (or as Tyrson calls it, PVP pipe) 3/4 inch

To craft this, cut your pipe to length. To length includes the concept of how much space you need for the hilt (if you are making this a 1 handed weapon or 2) and how long you want your blade to be. You can either get the pipe cut right at home depot or a hardware store or you can get a pair of PVC cutters. The pair I got was around $12.00 and I plan on making more and using them for further crating projects. They are a good investment. Also, if you had a mishap like I did when crafting, realizing my blade was too long, it's good to have in case you have to re-make and shape your weapon(s).

Then you need to cut your "noodle" to length. Just take a pair of scissors or a knife (my preferred utensil) and slice it. If you find your pvc pipe is too big for the circle of your noodle, slice one side of your noodle open and slide it in. Cap both sides of your pipe with the PVC caps. Also, from the left over noodle take a piece and cut it in half.  This is going on top and bottom to cover the hard tops of the tip and the hilt.

Now the fun part! The duct tape. Cover the entire length of the foam with duct tape. This makes the weapon more sturdy, heavier and in the end, will make it more aesthetic as you can get very artsy with all the fancy colors of duct tape they have out there including camouflage patterned duct tape, or my personal favorite, hot pink. You also need to tape the extra foam covers to the tip and hilt. Make sure these are steady and firmly taped or they will come off your weapon. Also, when taping your weapon, make sure that the foam(noodle) is attached well to the pvc pipe or it may come off.

Last but not least, decorate, have it inspected and have fun!

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August 6th, 2010

11:43 am
So the crafting process has begun. For the material in which I am making the armor out of is a floor tile. The really cool thing about this floor tile is it is cheap, durable and best of all looks like leather.

The most annoying thing about this project thus far, is that there isn't really a cheap and adequate tool for cutting this stuff, unless you happen to have a band saw hanging around in your basement. I tried a number of tools to see which would be the best. First, It was recommended to use a carpet knife. Me being the klutz that I am, I ended up with me cutting myself.
So with this in mind, I decided it was time to get serious and suit up!

This helmet actually belongs to my poor boyfriend. Yes, poor Tyrson. He looks at me and wonders every day, "Avoree, why do I put up with you?"  Anyways, so I suited up and our good friend Micah offered another solution to mass cutting these scales (which can be a tedious task!) He mentioned he had a metal shear in his work shop. I happily agreed to try this cutting machine out.

This metal shear can cut through my poor fingers. Thank goodness I chose not to use it for that. This is the process of what could have been tedious a bit more forgiving on my hands. I worked on cutting with the shear for about an hour when my back was bothering me from the work. However, this thing was the greatest savior to my hands. I ended up cutting about 1-2 hundred scales.

Then after, I started rounding the edges. I decided that using scissors was the best choice for the edges as the shear was a bit bulky to work with fine edges and I was avoiding the carpet knife at all costs at this point.

I got these scissors at Michael's. They were about 30 dollars, but they are very sharp and were doing well with cutting through the floor tile.

However, it takes a lot more than 2 hundred scales to make this armor. Now that I am with out a shear I have turned to using just the scissors alone. They do a fairly good job. It gets a little bit more difficult as the sheets of the floor tile get bigger. I may pull out a saw or a carpet knife for cutting the long strips. However, for now this is the product I am putting out.


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July 13th, 2010

12:10 pm - The Beginning
This part of my blog is dedicated to my creation of Lamellar armor. My need to create Lamellar armor dates back to my joining of the group called the SCA or the Society for Creative Anachronism

I find myself crafting from day to do, working on new projects. This all started in January, when I was still unemployed and looking for something to occupy my time. I had grown tired or crocheting and I had already done my fair share of drawing tattoos. I was very intrigued at the creation of chain mail jewelry. I had started creating chain mail to occupy my time. I ordered rings, pliers and even started making my own rings. This was getting old, fast, since I was doing nothing but this for 8 hours a day. One night I had gone to a party and met up with an individual who found out that I made chain mail. Excited, he asked me to join him for a "craft night". Craft night is an evening where all those who work on the projects like sewing, needlepoint, chain mail, brewing and such gather, hang out and share their crafts as well as teach them to others. I had given chain mail a break, had been sewing like a crazy person for events but I needed something new.  Scott, my boyfriend does fighting in the SCA, Heavy List fighting. I figured this would be a good beginning to sharpening my skills, awareness and help with my weight loss and toning. This is the birth of how I got into armor crafting.

At craft night, Kythe (Mark) had offered me materials for making my armor as well as a pattern. The material is a floor tile which resembles leather with speckles  in it. It is durable and easy to cut through with scissors or shear like utensils.  I will be lacing it with red parachute cord. This is the pattern I will be following.

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